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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the most common questions concerning filing bankruptcy in Oklahoma are answered here, from bankruptcy protection and how to deal with debt collectors, to working with a good lawyer to file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Do I need to file for Bankruptcy?

A: If you are asking yourself that question the answer is probably yes. The biggest complaint I hear from people when they come to my office is "I should have done this years ago" or "My wife has been trying to get me to do this for years".

The truth is people don't want to file a bankruptcy; for some good reasons and for...

How Do I File Bankruptcy?

A: In order to file for bankruptcy, you first need to follow a process prior to filing in order to make sure that you have everything in order in order to expedite the process and make it as painless as possible.

Bankruptcy Process in Oklahoma City and Surrounding Areas

Chapter 7...

Can you eliminate tax debt by filing for bankruptcy?

A: In many cases, you can eliminate tax debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service, Oklahoma Tax Commission or other taxing agencies. Certain tax obligations are dischargeable or may be managed in bankruptcy. The primary relevant factors (see more specifics below) are the age of the taxes (determined by...

Will the IRS Take My House If I Have a Tax Lien?

A: Yes, they can but it is rare. The last thing the IRS wants to do is go to the trouble of taking and selling your house. They would much rather go after low-hanging fruit like wage garnishments or bank account levies. But, if you have substantial equity in your house, take steps now to plan for a way to deal with the problem....

What Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy?

A: The first thing people as me is "How much is it to file bankruptcy?" There are a few costs and fees associated with filing any type of bankruptcy. What follows is a list with an explanation. I will say that my fees for the various chapters are extremely competitive. Can you find lower fees elsewhere? Maybe. However,...

Can Bankruptcy Save My Home?

A: Yes, it can stop the foreclosure process and allow you time to catch up on the past due amounts, provided that you act soon enough. So the short answer to "Can filing bankruptcy stop a foreclosure sale and save your home?" is yes—so long as the sale confirmation has not occurred a bankruptcy filing will stop the process in...

Which debts can you discharge in bankruptcy?

A: It is much easier to describe the type of debts that are generally not dischargeable. Most unsecured debt or debt in which there is not a lien attached to something you own is dischargeable. That is, credit card debt and medical bills (which comprise the bulk of people's financial issues) are dischargeable. Secured debts...

Can I keep some credit cards out of bankruptcy if I am current?

A: No, all your debts must be listed and even if you didn't list them the creditor would most likely cancel them upon filing anyway.

What are the Oklahoma Exemptions?

A: Exemptions are the things that are protected by law. There are Oklahoma Laws that protect certain items from being taken by creditors and the same protections extend to bankruptcy.

What happens to my debts?

A: All unsecured and dischargeable debts are wiped out once your case is discharged (usually 3 to 4 months after filing).


Used in the proper way, there are a host of things that Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can do for someone. There are many symptoms of debt that can be addressed with the right tool.

Wage Garnishment

Impending Garnishment?

Are your wages about to be garnished? A garnishment is a court order directing that money or property of a third party (usually wages paid by an employer) be seized to satisfy a debt owed by a debtor to a plaintiff creditor.

Got Served Court Summons

Got Served?

Did you recently get served a lawsuit? Getting served just means that you have been given notice of a lawsuit, in this case by a debt collector. You are served if you are handed a copy of the summons and complaint or if a summons and complaint are given to someone “of suitable age and discretion” at your home.

Bad Credit? We can help!

Bad Credit?

If you can’t buy a house or a car or even rent an apartment because of poor credit, you are not alone.

A situation that our bankruptcy attorneys can help with in Oklahoma City, OK

Facing Foreclosure?

If you are in foreclosure, it can be a scary process. Foreclosure is the action of taking possession of a mortgaged property when the mortgagor fails to keep up their mortgage payments.

car repossessed in Oklahoma

Vehicle Repossessed?

Repossession is a process where an auto lender can take back possession of your vehicle, sometimes without warning you in advance or having permission from the court. Repossession typically occurs after you fall behind on your auto loan payments.

Divorce in Oklahoma


Although you shouldn’t file bankruptcy and divorce at the same time, you can still choose which process to take care of first. If you and your spouse choose to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, your joint income might put you over the income threshold for filing.

Who are we?

The Law Offices of Marty D. Martin—Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorney. When choosing a bankruptcy attorney it is important to consider the commitment of the lawyer. Marty D. Martin is a licensed Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorney and takes the legal needs of all Oklahomans very seriously. This website contains information regarding Oklahoma bankruptcy law and the details of the bankruptcy process. We aim to assist you in determining if you can and should file bankruptcy, or if you should look to use an alternate plan.

Marty Martin Law

We are licensed Bankruptcy Attorneys in Oklahoma City and will focus on your case first and foremost from the beginning to the end. Our practice specializes in consumer bankruptcy and consumer debt defense. From the first phone call to the end we will focus on you and your case as if you are our only client.

Our Bankruptcy Process

4-Steps To Freedom

Bankruptcy sounds bad, but the reality is that it can be your lifeline. In fact, you will not need to recover from bankruptcy. Rather, you will recover through bankruptcy. After all, if you are struggling with your finances and do not have an immediate and solid solution, you will continue to struggle for the coming years, maybe even the coming decades. As you fight to stay afloat, your stress will intensify as your financial situation erodes.

Your financial stress will take over your life as your credit score shrinks and your debt grows.

When you declare bankruptcy, though, you can start focusing on things that matter, like your family, your friends, your career, or your hobbies. Instead of spending all your time worrying about money, you will actually be able to save money! You will feel peaceful, clear-headed, and worry-free for the first time in a long while.

That’s why we make the process fast.

free bankruptcy consultation

Free Consultation

You will meet with Marty Martin to discuss the specifics of your case and explore all options. Bankruptcy is not for everyone, but if it makes sense for you, we will discuss the benefits, which include eliminating debt and the ability to improve your credit score. Most of our clients are surprised to hear that after their bankruptcy, their credit scores can increase to 720 much, much faster—in just 12 to 24 months—by following our process.

When you leave, you will have confidence in...

stop creditor calls

Stop Creditor Calls

While you’re putting together the simple things we need to file your BK, we will make sure that all creditors stop calling you.

bankruptcy sign and file

Sign and File

After you file bankruptcy, your home, vehicles, and wages will be protected, and you will no longer receive calls and letters from collectors, creditors, and banks.

rebuilding-your-life after bankruptcy

Rebuild Your Life

If you don’t properly rebuild your life after bankruptcy, you are going to overpay for everything in life. For example, if you don’t rebuild your credit score, and buy a $15,000 car, you can easily overpay between $200 and $300 per month. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve contracted with 720CreditScore.com, the creators of “7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score“, to provide this program to all of my clients -absolutely free- as...

Why Choose Us?

When choosing someone to help you with a potential bankruptcy filing or any financial crisis that needs legal help, it is important to consider all of the facts of your individual situation. Everyone has different particulars when it comes to financial solvency, as well as estate planning in general. We at Marty Martin Law are Debt Relief Agents, and we assist people in filing for Bankruptcy Relief under the Bankruptcy Code, as well as help with credit repair and the aftermath of a bankruptcy filing.


Filing bankruptcy sounds difficult. If you use the wrong attorney or try it on your own, it definitely can be. However, we pride ourselves on making the process easy and painless.


When filing bankruptcy, it is very important to stay organized. When you use us, this process is streamlined and systematized in a way that reduces the amount of time it can take.


When you work with Marty Martin Law, you get a real attorney on your case. Many other law firms don’t even allow you to see an attorney until late into the process.

What People Say about us

We have worked with many different types of clients from varied backgrounds.

Marty Martin is a great attorney! I used him twice and he was always pleasant, well organized and affordable. If I had to use him again I would.

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Marty D. Martin

I am a licensed Bankruptcy Attorney in Oklahoma City and will focus on your case first and foremost from the beginning to the end. Our practice specializes in consumer bankruptcy and consumer debt defense. From the first phone call to the end we will focus on you and your case as if you are our only client.

Contact me via email: marty [at] martymartinlaw.com

Marty D. MartinBankruptcy Attorney

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We Are Located in the Nichols Hills Plaza which is at the Northwest Corner of N.W. 63rd and Western in the Nichols Hills area of Oklahoma City. Our office is situated on the second-floor offices above the Starbucks Coffee Shop. Please call me at (405) 233-0623 if you need directions.

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